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She’s a brilliant runner, and this slow motion video highlights her incredible technique. Lindsey Pelas is a young lady of 24 years particularly charming. This playmate could have played in Baywatch since mastered the race in slow motion. The video she posted on her Instagram account especially emphasizes its strengths.

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Pelas Lindsey is a beautiful model, which encourages a healthy lifestyle in a fairly original and controversial way! For the film, which promotes running and hydration of the body, has been criticized! Do you see anything wrong?
Pelas decided to encourage people to adopt healthy lifestyles. The model wants to make the recipient began to run and drink water!
Lindsey appeared in a controversial cutscene in which he is dressed in panties and skimpy top. Until that her breasts are jumping on all sides. At the end of the cutscene Lindsey drinking water, but again, there is a hint of sensuality. Water flows down her chest.

We did not see a woman running at idle as sexy way from Baywatch. But here, Pamela Anderson is replaced by another pretty blonde Lindsey Pelas. The young woman has published a very hot video on his Instagram account.

Initially, the supermodel appears simply being frolicking in the countryside. Like all athletes who practice high-level, it is in breeches and his shirt is torn just below the chest. And of course, she does not wear a bra. Practice when making the 85-F.

And after the effort, comfort. For not having aches, it is important to hydrate. Normally, the water is drunk by mouth, it’s easier. But when you’re a model, she has a tendency to run off your body by wetting your shirt. Inevitably, it becomes wet and transparent. Unwittingly, the viewer will then see the particularly advantageous forms of Lindsey Pelas. What color was the gourd of the jogger?

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